Martial Arts Systems

Whatever your goal, we teach a variety of Martial Arts Systems including the following:

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is a small circle, close quarter, centre line sticky hand kung fu made famous by Bruce Lee. The science of trapping hands has been taken to great heights in this form of Kung Fu.

Wing Chun is a subtle Martial Art built on sound principals of physics and balance using intrinsic energy bringing intense force over short range.

  • Classes are skills based teaching correct breathing, footwork, striking, blocking, deflecting, re-directing force, close quarter kicking, knees and elbows, trapping, Chi Sao, push hands, and sticky leg.
  • The basic forms Sil Lim Tao, Chum Kil, and Bil Jee are taught . The Wooden Dummy Form is taught to advanced students.

Kids Kung Fu

These classes are designed to get our youth moving and motivated. Balance, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, self-defence, self esteem and breath control are all enhanced in these specialized classes.


Kickboxing is a relatively modern Martial Art. The dynamic kicks, centre line punching, knees and elbows make it a very effective self defence that delivers fast results, fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance.

  • Classes are skills and fitness based. Footwork, evasive skills, blocking, slipping, trapping, sweeping, technique delivery, power theory, pad work, partner skills drills and combat conditioning. Contact is not required if you do not want to.

Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu

Brazilian Jui Jitsu B.J.J. is predominantly a ground fighting art. It’s a great extension to the stand up systems taught at the Studio. BJJ is popular worldwide for its unique ground controls and finishes, which utilise body position as opposed to raw strength. It is a very practical Martial Art that can be very useful in a one on one self-defence situation.

  • BJJ is famous for turning disadvantage to advantage, pulling on lethal attacks from the ground and slippery escapes. The practice of this discipline is a fantastic game of Martial Chess which develops real power, reflexes and flexibility.

Tai Chi 

Tai Chi is renowned for its flowing form and graceful moves usually slow and smooth with great emphasis on breath control and shifting balance from stance to stance. It is known as an Internal Martial Art because posture and breathing are designed to strengthen internal vital organs and put the load on the ligaments to tighten and strengthen them.

The grounding and centering effects of Tai Chi’s breathing, stances, and balancing make it a must for getting in touch with vital life forces and enhancing Chi. There is no greater investment you can make in your general health and well being than regular practice in this form of gentle exercise.

This Martial Art can be practiced by people of any age range, requiring no partner or equipment as a daily health routine.

  • As a Martial Art it uses the opponents. strength and changes in direction to unbalance your opponents. It has many joint locks, pushes, pulls, throws and strikes. Push hands and Qi Gong are taught as part of this energy lifting Martial Art.