Opals, Jewellery and Other Passions

Glenn Puckeridge’s Passions

  • Knowledge is a great asset but without passion it fails as a motivational trigger for change.
  • Passion alone can be a wicked master of change.
  • Life without passion is but a dull existence.
  • Change is what we fear and yearn for in the same breath … real wisdom and fulfilment is a unique blend of the two.

Opals and Jewellery

Opal JewelleryAustralia’s National Gemstone is the Black Opal – found only at Lightning Ridge – this magnificent gemstone is the most valuable form of Opal.

I have spent many years and a considerable amount of money prospecting and mining Opals and like many before me, quite unsuccessful at mining much of this elusive gemstone.

The first time I saw a quality Opal I fell under its hypnotic spell. Those that have been bitten by its magic will know exactly what I mean. The colours of the soul are displayed in this exotic gem stone.

You are truly fortunate if you have gouged opal from the mine face and you see its raw beauty, shining for the first time for human eyes. Forty feet or so underground, working in the “cretatous era”, the land and time when the dinosaur roamed the Earth. You can not but be humbled by the geological time scale and the rarity of this beautiful gem stone.

I did most of this exploration and mining around Lightning Ridge area, the home of the Worlds most beautiful Black Opal. Most of my mining I did as a sole miner, and working alone in the depths of the earth is a unique experience. The fact that when you are mining on an isolated mining field, underground forty feet, you know you are on your own and any serious mistake could be your last. This only added to the adventure.

I only go prospecting and mining a few weeks a year now as my passion for teaching the Martial Arts and surfing has priority but I love to get the raw product and cut and polish it. Bringing out the individual qualities of the gem stone then let the creative juices flow and create a unique piece of silver or gold or beaded Opal jewellery designed around the gemstone.

If you are interested I teach beginner Opal cutting and polishing skills. Also a beginners coarse in silver smithing and jewellery design. The aim is over a few days or a week, two to three hours a day, is to get you to cut an Opal and create your own piece of unique jewellery.

  • Examples of jewellery that can be created and for sale are on this “Opal Jewellery Gallery” page. I personally find cutting gem stones and creating jewellery a very therapeutic activity, very Zen.
  • There are also photos of Puck’s Ridge and Opal Mining in the Lightning Ridge area in the “Passions Gallery” page.
  • If you want more information about creating your own jewellery send me an email for details. You can contact me here.

Other Passions

For me it is the wonderful local surfing and wind surfing beaches that our area is known and some not so known for and if you share these passions I can guide you to some impressive uncrowded local spots to catch a wave or dance across the waves on our sweet North East wind when she blows, October -March.

Another favourite passion of mine and many in our local area is our organically produced fresh food. If you are going to enjoy a very physical training routine then good nutrition becomes a necessity. We have extensive fruit and vegetable gardens and pride ourselves on making the most out our produce by making yummy chilli sauces, jams, pesto, passionfruit butter and other culinary delights.

There is a local growers market every fortnight and a fantastic monthly general market – third Saturday of month.

If your passion is bush walking or mountain biking, we have some incredible national parks, rain forest walks, awesome waterfalls and bird life. The local Bellinger River is a real treat to canoe down, it is generally calm with only small rapids easily negotiated and there are many top swimming holes and rope swings the local kids have set up.

We have many exquisite restaurants and accommodation that caters for most budgets. There are too many things to do in the local area to list here but there you will find accommodation, restaurants and many local attractions.