Mark Greig – P.C.Y.C.

I have known Glenn for many years both as a close friend and as a martial arts instructor who possesses dynamic technical skills so there was no question about who our club was going to use when we decided to run a mixed martial arts training seminar combining Kick Boxing, Wing Chun and Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu.

As an accredited professional with a deep understanding and knowledge across a range of martial arts styles, Glenn developed and delivered a program that was challenging and motivating for all who attended. Despite the fact that the skill level amongst those who were participating varied from novice to advanced, Glenn managed to balance his instruction so that everyone walked away feeling they had either improved their skills, gained some new insights into their chosen art or simply just felt better about themselves.

Throughout the seminar Glenn was patient and encouraging with all the students continually emphasizing the ageless virtues of self discipline, respect towards others and the importance of good health. There is probably no need to state the obvious that the training seminar was highly successful with many of the participants wanting more of the same.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Glenn or his well equipped Sun Tzu Do Martial Arts Studio to individuals or to organisations like ours wishing to gain an edge for their members keen on their martial arts and general level of fitness and wellbeing.

Thanks Glenn and lets do it again sometime.

Mark Greig 
Manager, Lismore P.C.Y.C.

Adam J. Barter – Student

In many Martial Arts community circles and literature you will hear the quote ‘the student finds their teacher when the time is right.’

This could not be truer for me who chose to pursue the Martial Arts at the age of 20. Coming from a small town I was lucky to be presented with the choice of a man, who not only taught a mixture of systems but pursued to further his learning at any given opportunity, and also encouraged his students to do likewise.

This self chosen culmination of Arts (Sun Tzu Do) utilizes kickboxing as the longer range defence, with focus on mobility and strategic tactics at one end, and Brazilian Ju Jitsu for the close to grappling at the other. Be it stand up or the often times, inevitable ground fighting, BJJ emphasizes on feeling the energy?s direction and changing shape or position using reversals and openings by employing a relaxed and free mindset to adapt to the situation and given stimulus.

The heart and philosophy of Sun Tzu Do is Wing Chun Kung Fu which is a fast, subtle and economical system concerned with human mechanics and the attack/defence if the centre line which is used in the middle (centre) system at trapping range. This completes the circle if the three highly compatible and interchangeable art forms.

To have been accepted, trained and above all befriended by Glenn Puckeridge has been an invaluable honour and a blessing that only grows in strength by future exposure in comparison to the wider world of Martial Arts.

In closing I will say that my attainment of self confidence, a willingness to better who I am and to use my skills for the benefit of others, has seen me battle mostly with what Glenn refers to as the primary weapon; language of choice and voice.

Life long student,

Adam J Barter

Ellon Gold

I would like to say how much I enjoyed starting each day with Tai Chi before the conference sessions. It was my first experience of Tai Chi and hopefully won’t be the last.

I felt satisfied with what I could achieve (Thanks to a great Instructor!) but I also became aware of how much more I could improve if I could continue (disappointed I don’t live closer.) I am sure it was also a great preparation to be able to maintain focus throughout the conference which was extremely innovative, interesting but also very full days.

Thank you again for providing this opportunity for us all.

Ellon Gold, 
Samford Valley, Brisbane

Helen Woolford

Glenn provided a magnificent start to each day of our conference. His skill was in making Tai Chi completely accessible, enjoyable and meaningful to those of us who had never practised it before.

His demonstration on the last day was also very impressive. Thanks Glenn!

Helen Woolford

Barbara Baldwin – Coffs Harbour Steiner School

My experience of Tai Chi as presented by Glenn Puckeridge was one of a joyful discovery. Glenn guided us skilfully and systematically into the different forms and movements, so that in a very short time I experienced the joy of the fluidity of movement and the satisfaction of moving through the space around me in a new way.

Glenn’s masterful tuition made learning the first steps of Tai Chi an immensely satisfying experience. His demonstration was impressive and memorable showing the enormous scope of this martial art as well as his skill and prowess as a practitioner.

Barbara Baldwin

Leading English 
Executive Director 
2008 Autism Conference, Coffs Harbour Steiner School.

Mrs Rebecca Brown – Bishop Druitt College

Thankyou for being part of the Sport Program at Bishop Druitt College for 2009.

Glenn Puckeridge recently ran a self defence workshop for all of year 8 girls at Bishop Druitt College and on behalf of the PE Staff and the girls I would like like to thank Glenn for the professional and effective manner in which he ran the workshops. He used real life situations that the girls could relate to and the stories he told ahd an important effect on their understanding of being aware of their surroundings and other people’s motives.

Glenn’s techniques were easily accessible and understood by all. Glenn allowed us to feel empowered and left the girls with an understanding of not only how to defend themselves but how to avoid trouble altogether.

Mrs Rebecca Brown

Staff Bishop Druitt College

Mr James Murgatroyd – Bishop Druitt College

This is the second year that we have employed Glenn to run his Streetwise program for our Year 8 girls as part of our annual Pastoral Care Program. The Streetwise program provided students with a very useful and practical array of self-defense skills that can be employed in a variety of situations.

Through Glenn’s expert and professional delivery, students learned valuable skills which included not only physical self-defense but psychological skills designed to empower and protect them. Drawing from personal experiences, martial arts expertise and using effective communication, Glenn delivered a powerful and valuable learning experience for all students.

Mr James Murgatroyd

Stage 4 Co-ordinator
Bishop Druitt College 

Melissa Sankey – Bellingen Shire Supported Playgroup Facilitator

I would like to thank Glenn for being one of our Guest Speakers in 2014, and visiting each of our playgroups in Urunga, Bellingen and Dorrigo.

Glenn came to each of our playgroups and provided our parents with a mini workshop on Streetwise.

Glenn was mindful that all our parents had varying levels of knowledge and experiences and he was able to relate to everyone involved.

Glenn was able to provide our parents with examples of real life situations and ways to be aware of their surroundings and other people’s intentions, and how they can prepare themselves to handle these situations if needed.

Glenn spoke about not only practical self-defense skills, but also focused on psychological skills to help defuse a situation and protect them.

The playgroup parents provided us with positive feedback in regard to Glenn’s presentation, saying that they found him resourceful, happy to answer any questions they had, validating their questions as being important and being very professional and practical in his advice.

Glenn left our parents feeling like they had been armed with some knowledge and skills in being Streetwise in the short time he had with them.

Thank you Glenn for empowering our parents with strategies to defend and avoid any threatening situations.

Melissa Sankey ~ 2014