The Sun Tzu Do Martial Arts Studio conducts a range of specific workshops for small groups and individuals. Our systems cater for locals and tourists visiting our beautiful environment and we tailor make workshops to suit the group or individual needs. Our workshops lend themselves ideally to corporate business as a means of revitalizing and unifying work teams.

Wellness Week

This is a three to five day study of the Ancient Yang Tai Chi Form, basic postures, stances, correct breathing, strikes, kicks, balancing, unbalancing, power theories, Qi Gong and push hands are all covered in this extensive workshop.

This workshop is designed to rebalance your energy and teach you some real techniques and skills that you can take into your daily life to keep you grounded and focused. We try to show case our beautiful environment in this workshop and take the lessons to nature and practise in some spectacular locations on the North Coast.

Ranging from rainforest settings, ocean headlands with passing migrating whales (winter, spring) and spectacular waterfalls – weather permitting.

Streetwise Programmes

This particular programme is different to most Martial Arts courses in the fact that the major emphasis is placed on developing psychological skills that will help you to achieve a non physical outcome to a hostile confrontation .

A self defence course should be viewed the same as a first aid course. It is something that you hope you never get to use but if the situation arises; which would you rather be, trained or untrained. When you do a first aid course, you don’t run down the beach and wait for someone to drown.

The same for self defence, I have never started or caused a street fight in my life but I have successfully defended myself and others that would have gotten a terrible flogging or worse if I had not intervened. The sort of things that you would learn in this programme:

  • Fear Management
  • Assertive Suggestion Training
  • Choice Language
  • Body Language
  • De-fusing Techniques
  • Psychological Evasion
  • Appropriate Action
  • Victim/Victor Mindset
  • Conflict Dynamics
  • Tactical Deceptions
  • Stances
  • Reflex Sharpeners
  • Striking Points
  • Body Weapons
  • Improvised Weapons
  • Multiple Attacker Strategies
  • Weapon Defense

This programme has been taught to school students, panic attack suffers, social workers, disadvantaged youth, teachers and security workers with great success.

Starter Packs

You can see the benefits of the training physically and mentally but are not quite sure about what type of Martial Arts would suit you? Or how to get started. Or you have done some Martial Arts in your youth and would like to get in touch with the positive life forces that you had once tapped into.

Maybe you have done some hard style Martial Arts and would like know to learn some softer systems that are a little more forgiving on our aging bodies and work on a completely different energy level. Or you have been a stand up Martial Artist and would like to know the basics of the ground work or visa versa you are a ground fighter and would like some striking and movement skills.

These courses are tailor made to suit the individuals or groups specific needs. If you are searching for some new skills to enhance your life and want a well deserved break from the rat race, please contact me.